the only limitation with animation is your imagination

Whether its building brand awareness or educating your target audience we can create the video content to help you do it.

Why Animation

Animated Videos  represented 82% of all IP traffic in 2021.

84% of consumers say a brands video has convinced them to buy a product or service

Using animation can help a brand convey a simple message or explain complex concepts in a cost-effective and visually appealing way.

Video marketers see a 74% increase in brand awareness with their content among audience members.

Why its better to work with animation

Animated videos are among the most adaptable media formats available and we believe it should be included in every business marketing tool kit. The scenery, characters, design, colours, timings, soundtrack, and more can be customized to suit your needs.With animation, you control every aspect of what’s happening on screen. Nothing is left to chance. No need to worry about finding the right actors or locations. And unlike other video formats, a little mishap won’t mean an expensive reshoot, with animation you can tweak and refine until its just right for you and your brand



Why Work With Us?

Everyone Gets The Platinum Package

There is no basic, standard or premium package we don,t overcharge. we deliver the same premium service to every single client.

Fixed Pricing

We offer fixed pricing for every aspect of the animation. we don’t have any sudden changes in pricing that way you will stay in budget

Experts In All Stages

We have experts with years of experience working on every stage of the project from scripting and storyboarding all the way to the final animation.

Since 2014

We have years worth of experience having completed over 2000 projects for more than 950 companies and brands worldwide

Our Team

Our motion graphics artist here at Intell Animations have years of expertise designing animations for a variety of sectors and have access to a wide range of tools to fuel their creativity. When you work with us you have a dedicated team of experts at your disposal. You also have full access and communication with the Project Manager of your animation

Add Animation to your brand now and easily catch the eye of your target audience

Intell Animation

Our Simple Step project process

Step 1:

Storyboarding & Scriptwring

Step 2:

Voice over art and audio design

Step 3:


Step 4:


Our Simple Order Fulfilment Process

Step 1

 Place your order by filling in the get pricing form select your video options and submit 

Step 2

We get back to you with your order price .We then gather requirements and key aspects that you need included in the video.    Provide us with a script if you do not have one we will write one for you for free .

Step 3

After the script and storyboard has been finalized we then proceed with the Animation project which will include unlimited revision in every step of the project from scripting to final animation.

Step 4

Once we finish your animation project we will Email you a transfer link which will allow you to download your video file